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The founders are Bruce & Erin Wilson, the proud parents of a fun loving, and overly-energetic 15-year-old son Jay. Jay is diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorder and has very limited language ability. He has been lost at school and at camp in the past. Erin and Bruce keep a watchful eye on him and stay close. Often, they position themselves between Jay and an exit because he can suddenly decide to bolt into danger and he is fast. “If I Need Help” was created out of their concern and love for their son. Once they created a system that provided a greatly increased measure of security for him and greater peace of mind for them, they decided to share this with the millions of other people who are in similar situations!



(1) Thomas Iland’s Book
– “Come to Life: Your Guide to Self-Discovery”


(2) Be Safe the Movie
– Trains people on the spectrum to interact with police departments


(3) Bright Star Martial Arts Academy (discussed in the episode)
– Special needs karate in Santa Clarita, CA

Executive Summary:


If I Need Help is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization working to reunite those who are lost, disoriented or can’t self-advocate with their loved ones and caregivers. It uses QR Code Technology that can be accessed by computer or cell phone to provide help, emergency iD, and peace of mind. If I Need Help offers a free online member profile, and Emergency Q&A that can be edited in real time and emailed or printed in an emergency. Customizable iD products include iD cards, & wearables such as shoe/dog tags, patches, pins/clips, & apparel!




Ranger Rescue:


“A family was having their annual reunion camping trip. The mom was very nervous about

her 12-year-old daughter with Autism and sewed an If I Need Help patch on her vest. Sure enough when they were camping the child wandered. She was found some time later over a mile away by a Ranger who saw her If I Need Help patch, scanned it, and saw her profile. The profile told him who she was, her medical issues, and in what campsite her family was camped. He immediately drove her to the campsite for a successful reunion with her family.”



1) Become a free member.


2) Create a profile, This can be changed in real time when needed.


3) Have special person wear or carry the iD patch, pins, clips, iD cards, shoe tags, other
iD products.


4) When lost, the code can be scanned by a smartphone/tablet or the number associated with the code can be entered manually into the home page of If I Need Help to access the contact.


5) The profile and emergency Q&A can be printed or emailed to searchers.


6) The Caregiver has total control of all Special Needs Registry and Emergency Q&A information and only enters or updates what they are comfortable entering.


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