Behca: A Behavior Tracking Tool

Have you ever spent your evening texting back and forth to a co-worker getting “filled in” on what happened that day, or emailing your psychiatrist about a behavior “episode”, so that everyone is on the same page? There are many reasons why you should learn about BEHCA, and in my opinion, its streamlined communication is one of its most valuable assets!


BEHCA is a cloud-based behavior data tool, that is comprehensive, unique, and cost-efficient. It helps to improve communication across families and professionals, and can be used in settings such as schools, clinics, or group homes! Once data is entered into the program, it is automatically graphed and visually displayed for all collaborators to view.

In this webinar, Torri and Michael will fill us in on exactly what BEHCA is, and they will show us what it can do to make your life easier!


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