Autism Mental Health Awareness

Autism Mental Health Awareness (AMHA) is an independently run project, founded by Sonny Hawkins in the UK. It is supported by Fixers, an organization that gives young people a voice, and a charity called Clearly Speaking, a Specialist Children and Family Support Centre in Buckingham for those with ASD, Mental Health, Special Needs and Learning Difficulties!


AMHA was created with a purpose: to reach out and raise a more accurate awareness about those on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), with a special emphasis on those with co-morbid conditions alongside their ASD.


AMHA aims to make a positive change by educating the public to end the misunderstandings & misconceptions, which in turn battle the current stigma attached to Autism, Mental Health, and everything else in between. AMHA wants to encourage openness and discussions about people’s Mental Health difficulties so they are more likely to seek earlier intervention no matter their age, gender or ethnic background.


AMHA hopes to develop an easy-access share platform for anyone to use, to create a resource packed full of stories, experiences, and points of views of hundreds- hopefully thousands, of people over time, who would normally have no voice. They want to prove a point, in that the sufferers are their own experts when it comes to raising awareness about the conditions they struggle with every day. When it comes to their own Mental Health, unlike breaking a bone, the internal struggles of their own minds are not as simple to show, and at the best of times are still not understood.


**If you have a story, AMHA wants to hear from you! They accept all forms of media, whether you like to blog, write articles, draw, paint, sculpt, build out of Legos, film, or sing. They want you to express how you feel in a way you’re comfortable. AMHA has a large website packed full of resources, stories and professional supports! They also have an easy-access portal for all story submissions in any form of media.



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They are looking for projects, artists, bloggers, filmmakers, poets, and sculptors! They also offer free advertising to organizations, bloggers, and individuals. Contact AMHA at


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To help raise awareness for Autism Mental Health, please connect with AMHA over social media. Every share, like and comment helps them to get closer to battling the stigma and raising awareness!


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