Jenn Slade

Jenn Slade is the author and illustrator of a new self-published book called Phill in the Blank: Quirks and All. She is dedicated to the development of comic books that provide insight about the lives of children on the autism spectrum.


Phill in the Blank: Quirks and All, is about a nonverbal boy with autism who struggles with being misunderstood and not having a voice of his own. Phill lives in his imagination and finds friends in nature. Phill finds comfort in nature because he can relate to it and doesn’t have to worry about how to act and react like he does with humans. The main characters are Phill, a tree named Oakly who is the down to earth voice of reason, a sunflower named Cass who is the nurturing caregiver, and a weed named Bramble who is the much needed comic relief.


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