Dr. Candace Robik

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Contact Information – Dr. Candace M. Robick, CEO


Candace’s website: Solutions Based Learning!
Solutions Based Learning
Email: doctorrobick@solutionsbasedlearning.com





Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff By Richard Carlson

Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew By Ellen Notbaum




Access Card: Complete the short form to get the medical assistance card for your child with a disability. This is not dependent on your income.


Bidwell: Free Career Training


CHADD – the national organization for ADHD


Hiram G. Andrews: Vocational Education Program – 6 programs available for students to attend


Learning Disability Information


Loophole State: PA (Seven other states in the United States are considered loophole states).


OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation): PA Resource – called same or similar name in other states. Called vocational rehabilitation and other names in other states.


Parent to Parent: Teaming up with other parents that have children with similar disabilities.
Geographic Location – this organization is in many of the states in the United States. PA, GA, NY, MA, WA, CO. I volunteer in PA, but have helped families from Ohio and West Virginia.


Project Search: There are programs in many states.


Transition Services: Students received transition services as part of their individual education plan by their 14th birthday. Goals are established for post-secondary education/training goals, employment goals, and independent living goals.


Wrap Around Therapy: BSC – Behavior Specialist Consultant /TSS – Therapeutic Staff Support (in home therapy)
Mobile Therapy – in home therapy