Kirt Manecke


Kirt Manecke is an award-winning author and sales, marketing, fundraising, and business development specialist with over 30 years of experience surprising and delighting customers. Kirt is passionate about helping teens and young adults with Autism learn the social and job skills needed to get and keep a job, make friends, volunteer effectively, and lead fulfilling lives. His books have been featured in Special Needs Book Review, Parenting Special Needs Magazine, The Art of Autism, Autism Live and more.

Smile & Succeed for Teens is a crash course in social, job and volunteering skills for tweens, teens and also for young adults in transition. Winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Teachers’ Choice Award, and IP Gold Award.



Have you noticed the way kids are constantly staring at their cell phones? They spend more time looking at that little screen than engaging with each other, face to face. The technology created to enhance personal communication is actually blocking it.



Social skills are the top factor in getting a job, according to Harvard University. Is your teen prepared? Smile & Succeed for Teens is an attention-grabbing crash course in SOCIAL and JOB skills that helps teens get better grades, develop meaningful relationships with parents and peers, and find (or even create) a fulfilling career. For middle, high-school and college aged kids, 12+.


Key Takeaways for Teens Include:

• How to land a job (and keep it!)

• The important life skills your first job can teach you

• The many benefits of volunteering

• How to handle stress

​• Job skills that make you stand out

• What colleges are looking for in applicants, and a lot more.



-Mom's Choice Gold Award honoring excellence

-Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom

-IP Gold Award recognizing excellence


Perfect for teens who are:

·  Looking for a job

·  Already working

·  Planning to start their own business

·  Looking to volunteer

·  Applying to colleges

·  Not yet clear on a career path

·  In transition programs